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(Choose the best answer from the choices given and put the letter A, B, C or D in the brackets.)
1.Jim was in _____ after he got to know the results of the football match. (      )
A. a low spirit  B. low spirits
C. low spirit  D. a low spirits
2. I am rather tired. I______ trees since this morning. (      )
A. was planting B. had planted
C. have been planting  D. planted
3. All representatives ______ present before ten o’clock yesterday morning. (      )
A. are B. have been
C. were  D. had been
4. In the past decade, great changes ______ in the suburbs of Shanghai. (      )
A. have been taken place  B. have taken place
C. took place D. were taken place
5. They envy George because of his ______ chairman of the committee.(      )
A. having appointed  B. having been appointed
C. appointed  D. being appointed
6. I wish I ______ longer this morning, but I had to go to school at 7 o’clock. (      )
A. could sleep  B. could have slept
C. slept  D. have slept
7. Every adult ______ be responsible for what he or she has done.(      )
A. can  B. could
C. should D may
8. If you favor ______on night shift, you may go and tell the manager. (      )
A. to work B. working
C. having worked D. being worked
9. The student confessed to ______a lie to the teacher. (      )
A. have told B. having told
C. tell  D. being told
10. I have no objection to ______ a trip to Hawaii again. (      )
A. have  B. having
C. having had  D. have had
11. These customs are common in Northern China and to a______ extent in Southern China.(      )
A. little  B. less
C. lesser D. least
12. Don’t think that these people are ______you.(      )
A. inferior than B. more inferior than
C. inferior to  D. inferior as
13. I’m leaving tomorrow. ______, can I use your car for shopping this afternoon? (      )
A. In the way B. On the way
C. By the way D. Through the way
l4. Don’t get mad ______ the children. They don’t even know what they ’ ve done. (      )
A. for B. of
C. at  D. by
15. That was the kind of person _______he was. (      )
A. who B. whom
C. where D. which
6. The villagers, ______ had been damaged by the earthquake, were given help by the Red
 Cross. (      )
 A. all their homes  B. all whose homes
 C. all of whose homes D. all of their homes
 7. All ______ glitters is not gold. (      )
A. which  B. who
C. /  D. that
18. This tenth and last book of his ______ when he was bed-ridden. (      )
A. was written B. were written
C. has been written  D. had been written
19. Each family ______ asked to plant a tree before summer came. (      )
A. is B. are
C. was  D. were
20. I have both tea and coffee.______ do you prefer? (      )
 A. Which B. What
 C. Which one  D. What one

Section A: Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words given in the group.
21. is, will be, are, their, one’s, his
More than one person _________ going to lose _________ job.
22. a, all each, some, the, such
Eric didn’t even have_________ common sense to send for ________ doctor.
23. watch, watching, to watch, been operated, being operated, operate
I want you ________ carefully how the machine is __________ .
24. were, be, is, talk, talks, will talk
   It ________ important that she _________ to him in person.
25. whether; however, whatever, is it, the reason, it is the reason
________  ________, physical punishment to children at school is illegal.
26. which, what, when, where, whom, who
This is the man ________ drove the car __________ his wife bought from the car dealer.
27. was, were, being, its, their , one’s
 The audience ________ excited on seeing ________ favourite star glide onto the stage.
28. it, them, him, that, what, which
 He found ________ annoying ______ his neighbour kept calling him by the wrong name.
Section B: Fill in the blanks with the words given in brackets. Make changes or add something where necessary.
29. That may be your lost car, _________ (it)?
30. __________ (much) I admire him ,I don’t like all his work
31.These are the ________ (criteria) we use to select candidates.
32. You can’t have it ______ (ways) -you either work longer and get paid more or have more leisure time and get paid less.
33. She has read a book about the poor _______ (peasant) childhood and their early life.
34. The man ________ (try) to climb out of the window when the firemen arrived.
35. He lay on the ground as though he _________ (shoot).
36. It’s the third time you ________ (arrive) late this week.
37. The movie star is wearing sunglasses lest he __________ (recognize).
38.My parents wanted me to be a doctor, but I_______ (not put) up with all those years of study.
39. I want to congratulate you on __________ (admit) to the university you like very much.
40. ________ (look) ahead to the weekend, temperature will be warmer.
41. Also we know that astronauts, when they go up into space, find the air becomes_________
(thin) as they go higher.
42. This is ________ (exciting) birthday party I’ve ever had.
43. I want to tell you that we all________ (sympathize) you in your afflictions.
44. To ________ (keep) confusing your readers, always put modifying phrases and clauses near the words they modify.
45.________ (grant) that it is a simple test to perform, it should be easy to get results quickly.
46. The driver was the man ________ (from) room she had stolen the maps.
47. Every drop of tears, every moan out of pain and every cry for help _______ (be) like knife cutting deep into my heart.
48. _________ (remain) three chapters before I finish the book.

Correct one error in each of the following sentences.
49. He bought two newly published childrens’ books for his son.
50. He would tell the truth when they killed him.
51. When I entered his office, he didn’t say a word, nor did he raise his head, as if I am in visible.
52. ---Would you write to me as soon as you arrive?
---Yes, I would.
53. The West Indies, apart from the Bahamas, are commonly divided into two parts.
54. Are you going to buy all these rice?
55. You can’t help but to respect them.
56. Running into the room, a rug caught her foot and she fell.
57. When planting these flowers, care must be taken not to damage the roots.
58. Give him an inch, or he’ll take a mile.
59. The vessel, with its entire crew and cargo, were lost.
60. Not a single article he bought in that department store.

Rewrite the following sentences as required.
61. Adding a suitable tag to the following statement:
   Tony rarely has his room cleaned.
62. Turning the following statement into an exclamation:
 We’ve had such bad weather for a whole week.
 63. Using a non-finite verb form:
   The last problem that must be considered at our next meeting is how to invest the money.
64. Combining the two sentences by using a relative clause:
James Russell is a man. I have the greatest respect for him.
65. Combining the two sentences by using a conjunct:
He is being a fool. He is behaving foolishly.
 66. Using a disjunct:
 I will say frankly that I was rather impressed by his manner.
67. Using discontinuity:
Many forms of apparatus by which a more accurate knowledge of blood pressure can be obtained have been devised.
68. Using inversion:
He had hardly finished his work when the telephone rang.
69. Using a modal auxiliary:
 It’s possible that our team will win the race.
70. Using whatever cohesive device is appropriate:
 The production increases as it has increased for the last few years.
71. Using whatever cohesive device is appropriate:
 John was the winner in 1999, and Bob was the winner in 2000.
72. Using subjunctive mood:
 It suffices to say that the open policy will remain unchanged.

Answer the following questions.
73.How can we achieve specific reference (with examples)?
74.What are principles governing the subject-verb concord? Give your answer with examples.


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